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Dr. Jimish Patel

Children’s Dentistry – Methuen, MA

Starting a Lifetime of Oral Health Early

Oral health matters at every age, but it can be particularly important for children. It’s critical to help your child keep their teeth healthy—even if their permanent teeth haven’t come in yet. Early care and intervention can ensure their long-term oral health. For example, we can catch and stop bad habits that negatively impact the way their teeth and jaw develop. Dr. Jimish, Dr. Niraja, and the rest of our team will give our young patients the attention they deserve. If your loved ones need gentle, reliable dental care, don’t wait to give us a call!

Why Choose Amazing Family Dental for Children’s Dentistry?

  • Families and Patients of All Ages Welcome
  • Frenectomies and Lip/Tongue-Tie Treatment Available
  • Custom-Made Sports Mouthguards

Children’s Dental Checkups & Cleanings

A Child In Dental Treatment 01

You should start bringing your child in for checkups starting within six months of their first tooth erupting or by their first birthday. These routine appointments allow us to confirm that their oral development is progressing normally and to remove cavity-causing bacteria, plaque, and tartar. We’ll also take the opportunity to help them learn healthy oral habits.

Athletic Mouthguards & Sports Mouthguards

A Child Removing Braces

Is your child active in sports? Do they have the habit of grinding their teeth and experience jaw pain? If so, their smile needs extra protection against injury and damage. Amazing Family Dental can provide custom-made mouthguards and nightguards that preserve their teeth and alleviate stress on the jaw joint. Unlike store-bought mouthguards, the ones we create are sure to last much longer and be comfortable to use!

Dental Sealants

A Patient In Dental Treatment

Out of any age group, young children are at the highest risk of tooth decay. The molars and premolars are particularly susceptible with their deep grooves. Because children are still forming oral care practices, they can struggle to keep the chewing surfaces of these teeth free from plaque and bacteria. To shield these vulnerable spots, dental sealants offer a quick and effective solution and can last for a long time.

Non-Nutritive Habits

A Child Play With a Toys

After your child turns three, habits like thumb-sucking, tongue-thrusting, and pacifier use can dramatically impact the way your child’s teeth and jaw develop. If you need extra help breaking these habits, our team can give you advice and tips for handling the situation. Dr. Jimish and Dr. Niraja are parents and have years of experience working with children. When you visit Amazing Family Dental, you can expect to find patience and dedication in helping your child end these habits for optimal oral health for years to come.

Pulp Therapy

A Child In Dental Treatment 02

The pulp is the center of the tooth and houses the nerves, tissues, and blood vessels. If your child suffers damage to a tooth, the pulp may become damaged too. Whether it’s for baby or permanent teeth, pulp therapy is designed to treat and save a tooth from decay or physical injury. Through pulpotomies and pulpectomies, Dr. Jimish can remove decay and keep your child’s teeth healthy for stronger oral development.

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